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QueenSix Poker Corporate Events

Poker is the perfect choice for a unique team building corporate event, client night, Christmas party or social event.

Our Texas hold'em poker corporate events will challenge your skill, patience, and luck! QueenSix Poker Corporate Events create a challenging and fun environment that will help to break down corporate barriers and let people get to know one another in a relaxed and intimate environment.

Poker players will learn about themselves and their colleagues by observing their playing styles, their betting strategies, and most importantly their visual tells. As a person’s poker style often correlates strongly with their corporate behaviour, our corporate poker events will give your staff a unique insight into one another’s behaviour. Undoubtedly, the intimate environment created by a poker corporate event can help to establish or strengthen the respect and relationships between staff members.


                     QueenSix Casino Corporate Events

Casino fun nights are an excellent choice for corporate events, client nights, christmas parties and social events where your participants are able to move around the room and play whichever game they like, or relax at the bar. QueenSix has premium quality custom made Poker, Roulette and BlackJack tables that have been designed to fit with the level of class expected in the high roller room of a casino.

Casino corporate events involve luck, skill, strategy and a lot of fun. Played with fun money, your participants can choose to bet big or small, play games of skill like poker, or stick with roulette and blackjack while they try to win big at the tables. QueenSix will supply a trophy for the king of the casino, and to add some extra fun, players can cash in their chips for their chance to win any other prizes you supply.

To learn more about a QueenSix Poker/Casino corporate event that will leave your colleagues talking, please email us using the enquiry form below or visit our website. 
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QueenSix Poker/Casino Corporate Events
For a team-building event, client entertainment or Christmas party with a difference try Queen Six Poker/Casino Corporate Events.
Corporate Events, Corporate Poker, Christmas Party, Team Building Events, Client Relationship Building, Morale Building
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